Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stephen Hawking's Lifetime in Astronomy


Obviously some things are far fetched (like those conspirators who huddle together in bomb shelters stocking and frantically preparing for the big nothing), while other facets of our knowledgeable pursuits are simply put--heroically genius and nobly renowned.

Let alone the way Stephen Hawking can eloquently address topics that are beyond construction to most populations, take a look at his deliverance. Thoughts about the universe begin to take shape in my mind only to fall in bits and pieces, collapsing like a pair of rickety stilts. I'll tell ya what, I consider Astronomy a leisurely hobby of mine just for the sheer fact that its awesome and just reading it makes my mind feel stronger. Plus I get to formulate answers to ideas that we are all curious about without doing all the work. To have people like Hawking around really make things accessible and understandable. I know this is not a book review, but A Brief History of Time was not only fascinating it was easy to read!

I enjoyed the lede on this article because it gave a greater image on the aura and reputation that Stephen Hawking has. I can imagine the cheering audience from here! HOORAH! As whispers form words amongst the curious crowd, waiting for Hawking to deliver his first words. I liked the line, "Retiring is no more of an option for Hawking than ceasing to think would be". Well, this man isn't giving up any time soon despite the recent paradigm shift that has scientists wondering and conjuring on the nature of black holes.

To be honest, I don't really appreciate articles that tend to speculate. Towards the end the article did that. Basically it is telling us what's in the works. I would rather let Hawking do his thing and think and research without the rest of the world budding in. But that's a dead idea ain't it!? In any case, Hawking is to me the Einstein of our generation and I will follow and respect his work with growing interest as time infinitely grows at large. For subject matter and follow through, Ill give this paper an A.

I think often about how scientists and scholars really make our world a better place. While they are busy thinking up the next big theories, following trends and corresponding with foreign countries, I sit in a dorm room reading articles to write articles about articles and then write articles on the people in those articles and probably never get published. But atleast I get to bury my head in some interesting resources from those so high above me.