Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Taming Dogs, Humans May Have Sought a Meal

"There is a long tradition of eating dogs in southern China, where dog bones with cut marks on them have been found at archaeological sites." This is a direct quote from a Times article by Nicholas Wade. Because this point was made, in an article that actually deals with the way wolves became domesticated, i would like to expound on an animal rights issue that this brings out. Fur Farms in China, and perhaps other countries that I am currently unaware of, are responsible for making products from the hair of cats and dogs. They are starved, trucked to market, disemboweled, bashed/beaten, then hung on a wire and skinned ALIVE. Around 9 years ago the US stopped importing products made from cats and dogs, unfortunately we still import many products because of mislabeling which is done intentionally. Here is a link to a video that shows what I am talking about.
“Domestication was really the lever by which civilization was able to organize into communities larger than those of foraging families,” Dr. O’Brien said. This quote really describes what the article is trying to get at. It is interesting to think that the companions we know and love today came from wolves. The article states that the reason these animals were originally domesticated was for the purpose of eating their meat! Around the time of hunter-gatherers when human settlements aroused things such as garbage dumps. After spending enough time around these areas the wolves would become easier to handle and capture, eventually leading to their domestication.
The wolf became so useful and is thought to have been bred for the table. As their domesticity and evolution set them into what the article calls "less demeaning roles," dogs were spread around Eurasia for other reasons, such as guards or for their ability to pull sleds...eventually leading to their modern yet humble role as pet, carpet-friendly and collar-included. You can even take your dog for an MRI these days.
Lets look at something most people don't know. Chickens of all things used to be wild. It seems that most people would assume that Noah, by order of God, let the golden egg off the ark so that we could all have scrambled eggs every Saturday. Well lets try and imagine a more rustic scene. One where chickens run wild, maybe in Eastern Asia where they were originally domesticated in sometime B.C.; they would fly and be much more colorful.
So, similar to dogs, chickens were domesticated for their meat and eggs. I believe that because there are many more wild dogs, than there are wild chickens this has led to their mistreatment by large. In the time of cave men, it was a question of survival today its a question of how much money a country can make producing plastic toys with hair labeled synthetic when really its stained with the criminal act of torture and animal abuse.


Phil Brown said...

Noura, that video is powerful stuff--too powerful for early in the morning.