Monday, September 21, 2009

noura's favoritest favorite lede...ever!

Most are easily seduced by the mysterious. Pair this with a lede about a 100-yr old book bound in faded leather with golden scripted letters that glaze at the gripping spine; I am destitutely enslaved to the words that follow. These bookish images smear in scarlet images across my mind as I yearn to hold the dusty object against my chest. I would run into a secret forest where I could open the hard cover and observe the text endlessly, recycling the words over and over again.
Ehem, pardon the fantasy but I am an English major with a passion for anything old and filled with well-thought ideas. This is my way of conversating with some of the greatest minds in history. The story is the NY Times is called The Holy Grail of the Unconscious and it deals with Carl Jung who was not only influential in the field of spiritual psychology but is also studied by literary critics across the map.
The lede is not bland and filled with scientific weight, it holds anecdotal information and foreshadows the rest of the story just enough to get a person formulating ideas and speculating on what is to come. I like how it doesn't beat around the bush. The first line states, "This is a story..." and it is; it goes on for 10 pages. I highly recommend it.


Phil Brown said...

That is a good lede and a good story.